Star Wars Horoscope

Star Wars Horoscope

Find your astrological inner-Star Wars horoscope character. Read about your zodiac sign and know the truth – your destiny and character traits are similar to those that the heroes of Star Wars are known to have. We prepared horoscope based on a detailed deep analysis of all existing Star Wars movies. We will help you find your soul mate a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

As a big fan of the Star Wars saga I have long wanted to create a horoscope based on the characters of this great cosmic story. Of course, it is impossible to find dates of birth of each Star Wars character in the movies. But an experienced astrologer, however, is able to analyze all heroes shown in the movies to make the suitable horoscope. That such an analysis, you can find below.

Star Wars Horoscope

Find your zodiac sign and learn about your Star Wars soul-mate:

Star Wars Aries

Star Wars character you most likely can relate to (astrologically): Emperor Palpatine

All Aries love to be first, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Their greatest desire is power (rule others). And what kind of control is the best? Power over all. Aries are relentless in their acting and nothing can stop them on their way to success. Their huge ambitions will make them go through every (even biggest) difficulties. They will defeat all enemies or obstacles.

From the very beginning, Emperor Palpatine manipulates people to achieve his goals. He is not afraid to cause suffering, and even kill others. There is nothing for him too high a price for his success.

He is convinced of his uniqueness – and that’s the reason (in his opinion) that the whole universe should fall at his feet. Power is absolutely paramount value to him. There is nothing more important.

Outstanding intelligence gives Aries-Emperor a great chance to achieve all his goals. It also helps him his natural aggressive approach to solving problems. Rather than withdraw and think endlessly about solutions, he immediately attacks. His enemies have big problems with tackling the challenge of Emperor’s plans.

Star Wars Taurus

Star Wars character you most likely can relate to (astrologically): Chewbacca

Chewbacca is a typical representative of earth element (just like zodiacal Taurus). Reliable, quiet, firm. Everyone can count on him in any troubles. He is a loyal friend who never leave his friends in need. Chewbacca is also perfect as a helper in any endeavor. Without any complaints he will take the hardest work on his shoulders, thus ensuring success of the mission.

But one thing you should keep in mind about Taurus-Chewbacca – he is not a slave or subordinate. He has his own free will and no one can tell him what to do. He will help only if he wants to. You don’t want to force him to do anything, because he can get mad. If someone tries to dominate him, Chewbacca will certainly show how much stubborn he can be. And the fact that he is quite b by nature, it’s not really worth the risk to incite his wrath.

Star Wars Gemini

Star Wars character you most likely can relate to (astrologically): Han Solo

Han Solo is a person who above all appreciates independence. He is curious by nature, and he likes adventures and... money. No wonder that he lives on the verge of the law. Solo is always trying to earn a satisfactory amount of money – and it doesn’t matter if he breaks a few (or several) laws along the way. He is a renegade, outlaw – but doesn’t bother him at all. Without risk, there is no profit.

Gemini-Han is very jealous man in his lovelies (which can be seen in the Empire Strikes Back). On the other hand, he definitely is able to get what he desires. He will get the girl. Not because he is so wonderful, but because he is persistent and... well, very charming.

Gemini are ambitious. They want to be rich and live in a beautiful house. They like to have influence on other people, to control them – but it’s not a desire of power. They prefer prestige and respect. That’s what they want. And money... of course.

Star Wars Cancer

Star Wars character you most likely can relate to (astrologically): Qui-Gon Jinn

Cancer are naturally very sensitive. It is also extremely important feature of master Qui-Gon. He is the one, who senses great potential of the young Anakin Skywalker. Qui-Gon also flawlessly recognizes the Sith Lord (Darth Maul) on Tatooine. Although zodiacal Cancers are not characterized by excessive courage, their loyalty makes them take up most fearsome challenges.

Cancer-Qui-Gon can be very stubborn. On the surface, he gives the impression of a gentle and even weak. This, however, is not true. When his loved ones are in danger, he can show remarkable strength of character. Defending the endangered lives, Cancer-Qui-Gon feels a surge of enormous power. And he knows how to use it.

Star Wars Leo

Star Wars character you most likely can relate to (astrologically): Padme Amidala

Padme is a very self-confident person. She believes in her skills, which makes her perfectly suited to rule. She is not greedy or possessive person – and that is good for her people. Padme is a type of good king, who loves his minions and takes care of all.

Faced with struggle for freedom and well-being of people, Padme-Leo becomes a formidable fighter. Her courage is well known, though sometimes criticized. Her determination is legendary. The problem is that sometimes she doesn’t know when to stop. Her actions might be quite risky, exposing her to danger.

Padme-Leo is far too important to risk her life. Everyone around her know that, but she sometimes tent to forget it. That is why, she should try to overcome her need for action and fight for freedom.

Star Wars Virgo

Star Wars character you most likely can relate to (astrologically): General Grievous (Qymaen jai Sheelal)

General Grievous is a brilliant strategist and extremely dangerous opponent. No wonder that he defeated many Jedi. For a good cause he can be very efficient and involved. To be honest, he likes to be treated according to his achievements. Medals and other rewards are for Virgo-Grievous very important. He wants everyone to know, how great he is. So it is nothing surprising, that his military effectiveness has led him to a high position (general) and made him a very important person.

Grievous-Virgo appreciates order and draws attention to the smallest details. Perhaps that is why he is so good strategist. I must admit, that sometimes there is lack of discretion in his behavior.

Every Virgo do not like to be under someone's orders, because deep down they are convinced to be smarter than everyone. General Grievous is no different.

Star Wars Libra

Star Wars character you most likely can relate to (astrologically): Obi-Wan Kenobi

Obi-Wan Kenobi goes forward in his quest for justice and he is very determined to achieve success on his path. Trusting his own sense of integrity and inner wisdom, Kenobi is trying to be the best teacher and Jedi. This definitely determine the direction of his life. Every decision is based on universal sense of justice. Every living thing – according to Obi-Wan Kenobi – has equal rights: to live, to prosper, to be happy.

While he is a experienced warrior, Obi-Wan prefers to use arguments and gentle persuasion rather than violence. He doesn’t want to hurt anyone and reaches for his weapon (lightsaber) only as a last resort - when he knows that otherwise there is no way to get reason with his opponent.

Star Wars Scorpio

Star Wars character you most likely can relate to (astrologically): Darth Vader (Anakin Skywalker)

Like many Scorpios, Darth Vader has a tendency to oppress his enemies. If someone hurt him, he there is no place for mercy. Every opponent, Scorpios will destroy with pleasure and satisfaction. From the bottom of his heart, Scorpio-Vader is not a bad person. But the truth is that he did suffer a great deal of pain. It changed him beyond recognition.

One of the negative things of Scorpio are obsession and revenge. Vader-Scorpio is very passionate and has problems with controlling his emotions. When his mother did die at the hands of the Tusken Raiders he took bloody revenge on them. Without remorse or second thoughts. He is also obsessed about Padme – no less than his mother.

Scorpio nature is mysterious and unpredictable (this zodiac sign is associated with secrecy). This is also Annakin - right from the start. This boy is a great mystery. No one can tell, which side he will finally choose. His ways are so mysterious, that even Yoda can’t be sure anything about him.

Vader-Scorpio has a belligerent nature and he does not like to sit on the bench. When he knows there is something important to do (at least in his opinion) - he will not rest until he succeed. At the beginning he is quite hot-headed, but with age becomes wiser and begins to control himself better.

Star Wars Sagittarius

Star Wars character you most likely can relate to (astrologically): Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia

Leia and Luke are people who constantly seek new challenges, places and improvement of the whole world (in this case, worlds). They want to experience life, but also to give other people hope for a better tomorrow. Skywalker twins, from the very beginning, are struggling for a better future for all races in the galaxy. They are great idealists who believe that their hard work and dedication can carry out their - how humane - dreams.

Sagittarius are most likely the greatest adventurers of the zodiac. This can be seen perfectly in the Skywalkers’ acting. Being aware of the huge stakes, they are willing to take risks far beyond common sense. Fighting for their own interests or the fate of humanity, they always boldly step forward - straight to the point. They won’t hesitate to do things that are necessary.

Star Wars Capricorn

Star Wars character you most likely can relate to (astrologically): Darth Maul, Boba Fett

Discipline, patience and perseverance - these are the features that best characterize Darth Maul and Boba Fett. For the two of them, the most important thing is a mission. At all costs they strive for success, making them extremely valuable subordinates. In addition, they have no leadership ambitions, so they are not a threat to their bosses. When they get a new mission, they are not thinking about morality. What matters is the result.

Capricorn are a born soldiers. They can train in sweat and without a word of complains they fulfill all commands. They do not hesitate, even if they would perform execution on a defenseless person. They have a very serious approach to life and their responsibilities. We won’t meet them at a birthday party or in a bar drinking beer. It more probable, we could find them in the barracks, preparing for the next mission. Sober. Without a single smile.

Star Wars Aquarius

Star Wars character you most likely can relate to (astrologically): Master Yoda

Yoda is extremely wise and... eccentric. This is a typical Aquarius, which on the one hand, explores the secrets of knowledge, on the other hand is trying to share his discoveries with humanity to improve its fate. Yoda is guided by the inner wisdom, which makes him an extremely powerful being.

By nature Yoda-Aquarius is a kind person, very likable. He is politely in dealing with other people. Although he fights his enemies without hesitation. He might be even ruthless - but only as a last resort. Sometimes there is no other way, and the Great Master knows that.

Yoda-Aquarius easily connects with people, because of his serene approach to life. It is naturally contagious. Everyone likes to spend time in the company of Aquarius-Yoda. It is then not only a lot of laughter, but also they can learn a lot. After all, inner (spiritual) wisdom is the best attribute of Aquarius.

Star Wars Pisces

Star Wars character you most likely can relate to (astrologically): Lando Calrissian

Baron-administrator of Cloud City is a person with two faces. On the one hand he is full of sacrifice, on the other hand - too passive to oppose the threat. He won’t stand up to a ber person, such as Darth Vader. Lando-Pisces prefer to cooperate, than to confront. He is submissive – and that is a natural feature of Pisces.

Like most people born under Pisces zodiac sign, Lando is charming and attentive. He can make the opposite sex to fall for him easily. That also concerns business partners, even if it’s shady business . Lando-Pisces is able to convince them to many things. He always has good arguments. Maybe because of those skill, he can naturally inspire confidence in others.

What's more, he can change like a chameleon. Depending on the situation, Lando-Pisces could easily present himself as an ally for each of the warring parties.

R2D2 and C3P0

In closing, I would like to write, why there is no R2D2 and C-3P0 in any of zodiac signs I wrote about above. It is not that I have anything against those characters. In fact, I love them.

So, why I skipped them? Well, the reason is simple: both of these characters are robots (droids). As they are not living beings (which have no specific date of birth), but were constructed - I do not consider it appropriate to assign the astrological patrons to them. Droids are programmed so by their very nature do not have a real personality, but artificially created system of protocols and instructions. Although in the Star Wars saga we can clearly see their "personalities", they are still the result of their creator’ work. R2D2 and C-3P0 are not - in my opinion - "connected" with the stars (in the astrological meaning).

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